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DOCUMENTATION: The idea of a 'Wholehearted' interest and commitment


One of the most significant assets to have is a record that depicts the trajectory and process of an activity, event, or in this case, the growth and functioning of an organisation.

Documentation is critical for the activities that fulfill the responsibilities of an organisation.

Participant observation is a role fulfilled by a media consultant solely involved in the documentation process for an entity- an organisation or a principal.

This role seeks to contribute to the compilation of a comprehensive historical record by documenting activities of the organisation/principal and making these available for internal communications and the public when applicablble.


The output enables a better understanding of their identity, process, partnerships, and more which defines their values.

With this process, comes the responsibility of the media consultant to create, organize, manage, distribute and archive the outputs systematically.

The documentation will cut across all spheres; including the roles of the workforce in the functionality of the system for a broad range of interactive and engaging content for the mass media and internal repository

Deliverables of the participant observation include the translation of these records to stills and audio-visual contents - Oluwatoni Akinola (edited)

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