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By Ifeoluwapo Ojo




1. Introduction

My expertise is in 'Organisational Communications' and my journey began with a keen interest in photography. My experiences have given me a unique perspective on the power of visual communication. I understand how images can tell stories, evoke emotions, and convey messages in ways that words cannot. I am convinced that this expertise will be invaluable for the MA Visual Communication programme, where I will learn strategies  to use a variety of mediums to create compelling visual content that will impact reporting, and engagement outcomes. My ability to capture candid images telling stories through visuals will be an asset to the program to help me stand out as a candidate. Additionally, my experience in the field will give a practical understanding to identify the challenges and opportunities that exists in the industry and will allow me to contribute to class discussions and projects in a meaningful way. 

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I am convinced that my expertise will be invaluable for the MA Visual Communication Programme where I will learn strategies to use a variety of mediums to create compelling visual content that will impact reporting and engagement outcomes.

Interrelating skills within the BSBI community will go a long way to harness leadership skills; this is one of the opportunities I am looking forward to study at the BSBI.


2. Storytelling

Storytelling 1
Storytelling 2
Storytelling 3
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Storytelling 6
Storytelling 7

My early years as a photographer are marked by my interest in shooting weddings. This stage laid the foundation for me honing my skills to become a driving force in my life. Through the experience, I developed a keen eye for details, using great compositions, lights and colours to tells stories that convey emotions.

Shooting weddings was a learning curve that nurtured creativity, the concept around innovation and service, having these experiences drive my career path. 

As I researched and explored different areas of photography, I discovered my desire to create long-term impactful content that can communicate messages and ideas to a wider audience. My journey gradually began to transition from shooting weddings into a greater role.

Organizational Communications

3. Organizational Communications

From shooting weddings into a swift transition documenting and communicating the activities and values of institutions, highlighting the role they play in their engagements. This role waxed my expertise around 'organizational communications', capturing the essence and impact of these institutions. In course of the career path, I have shown flexibility and versatility in adjusting to different opportunities and contexts, and proven my passion and proficiency in documenting and communicating their values and activities.

The interesting part of the expertise is the commitment to service and the capacity to communicate any story desired for communications to any extent.

COVID-19 'SocialDevelopment' Project

4. COVID-19 'Social Development' Project


At the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (NCDC), I documented the Nigerian Government efforts to prevent and respond to COVID-19, creating content that encouraged positive behaviour change in Nigeria to lower infection rates. 

A mobile phone production in the isolation centre to urge Nigerians at the time to get tested and also go into isolation when tested positive to COVID-19.

This role enhanced my expertise in organisational communications as I documented the NCDC's activities for archival and communication purposes, and supported the communications unit with social media content.

Facilitated Workshop

The full article highlights the significance of the COVID-19 response led by the nation's public health institute. Click here to read. 

5. Facilitated Workshop

workshop 7_edited.jpg

Training the agency's top management and rapid response teams on mobile phone photography tips was a milestone that proved I am passionate and eager to empower others through making a positive impact as a future tutor. The purpose of the workshop was to help them create and share content that would showcase their activities quickly.

The workshop engagement exceeded expectations, leaving a lasting impact that was clearly measurable over time.

Staff Spotlight Series

6. Staff Spotlight Series

I created a production series that featured staff members sharing their diverse roles and experiences in the organization. The series consisted of short videos that showed staff members at work and interviewed them about their perspectives and insights.


The series was very popular, with staff members eager to participate and tell their stories.  

Staff Spotlight

Staff Spotlight

The series yielded interesting highlights that authentically captures the experiences of remarkable colleagues that are passionate about what they do.

Photo reports

7. Photo Reports

Beyond digitally sharing content, producing a photo coffee book is another preferred medium to give a visual style to showcase the documentations I have in the archives. I have produced the Mission to Nigerian States During COVID-19 Response as well as the NCDC Transformational Journey

To review the coffee books in detail, view here

Content Creation

8. Content Creation

My photographs are used by colleagues for various content creation purposes, such as social media posts, blogs, websites, and for marketing purposes. They value the quality and creativity of my visuals, which enhance the engagement and storytelling of their content. 

We collaborate to ensure that the photographs match the organization's brand and content goals. This involves discussions, feedback, and brainstorming sessions to make sure that the photographs convey the right message and emotions. 

Chikwe post.jpg

I will be posting daily content that will highlight the progress of my study with references to the BSBI community

Film documentary

9. Film Documentary

Managing the transition outputs for the outgoing Director-General of the organization at the time, I led a production team to produce the first film documentary for the agency. Leveraging motion graphics and directing the film, the documentary highlights the transformation journey of the institution from inception, the innovations with laudable references to the leadership his tenure showcased.


The documentary follows the evolution of the organization through the eye of its pioneer staff, leaders, partners and its young workforce. Watch the full clip here   (See timeline 00:00 - 05:13   and 1:7:22 - 1:08:44) 

On Becoming a BSBI Ambassador

10. On Becoming a BSBI Ambassador

I am keen on leveraging the oppurtunity open for affiliate marketing to give-back to BSBI for the consideration of my application. An example of this is uploading a post with the caption 'With determination and the right opportunities, dreams can be achieved'. Thank you @BSBI for the scholarship opportunity to pursue my dreams' on resumption to the university.

This post will be insightful, and certainly engaging for the audience that I have built around my expertise as a photographer. Following this, I will run a targeted advertisement for a wider reach and engagement.

This strategy will further publicise the BSBI to my audience. During the course of the study, I will consistently post regular highlights around the experience.

I have done this with my current organization, and I hope to be able to replicate this with the BSBI